Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Into the closet of good intentions

I have been knitting. Finished a hat, another pair of mittens done except for thumbs. Pieces of a summer top done for me, just need to be seamed. Knit and frogged a child's headband 4 times last night. Gauge issues. So today I needed to do something completely different. A local shelter for battered women said they would like journals for the women. I tracked down a couple in the closet that I purchased when I thought my dd's might want to journal. They didn't. I also pulled out 6 mead composition notebooks leftover school supplies. They I dug into my craft closet of of good intentions. Pulled out scrapbook paper, rhinestones, ribbon and glue.
All blinged up and ready to donate.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things I wasn't going to make

I have been known to utter I will never make that on occasion. I said that about socks on little needles for example. Now I have a bin of sock yarn and several sets of size 1 needles. I recently said that about ruffled yarn scarves. But my aunts birthday is coming and in a recent email she sounded like she really needed a present. So I knit a ruffled scarf. But I will never knit another. Well at least I don't think I'll ever knit another. Well at least not today I won't knit another

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I finished a stained glass parrot to hang in my lanai in Florida. The colors are much more vibrant then it shows in the picture.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympic efforts

We have watched a lot
Of the olympics at our house. I have watched competitors in the water, on land, on boards, beams, bars, bikes, courts, boats you name it I've probably watched at least one round of competition . I am an admitted Olympics junkie. Through it all I have been knitting I've been working on mittens for the local head start program. Winter is just around the corner and little hands get cold. Now that I have a few pairs done I'll go back and knit thumbs. I also finally finished my flat feet socks. I enjoyed the yarn, but was a little disappointed that the pattern color placement didn't line up better.

For non Olympic viewing dd2 and I rented the movie 50/50 last night. Charming.