Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Knitting in public

I had a lot of down time in between steps yesterday.  I had sentinal lymph node biopsy.  So I took advantage of the time as a good knitter should.    It's not glamorous like knitting in public in Paris, or charming like a fiber festival, or fun like a ballpark.  But it helped pass the time.  Besides what else can you do sitting around in your underwear in a backless gown. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October is for breast cancer awareness

This year is the year that my diligence in getting routine mammograms paid off.   So this appears to be my year to celebrate breast cancer awareness with a suspicious mammogram.  Following an ultrasound, then a next day biopsy it appears that I have a dcis.  A non invasive ductal carcinoma.   They also biopsied a suspicious looking lymph node, but that was benign.  Initially I was going to work with the nurse navigator and schedule surgery and follow up in Florida, but after a preliminary consult with the surgeon here I'm going to go ahead with surgery here next week.  Not because it was more urgent, but because he just gave us a good feeling and he has an opening next Wednesday.   So barring unforeseen findings in surgery..My plan is to meet with the oncologist here and the nurse navigator to coordinate follow up radiation in Florida.   

The surgery is outpatient in Brainerd.  So I am really glad we made the move to local docs in the spring.   I'll let you know how it all pans out.    While I won't be golfing immediately when we return, I can still participate in the dining component.   And I have no idea how other post surgical treatment will impact my energy level for golf..perhaps I will be on the friendly tees for while.   

But the bottom line is that screening really does pay off. 

On the knitting front I finished my never ending shawl and a couple of hats to donate as chemo hats.  

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