Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Things with no pictures part 2

After 10 days DH is finally able to leave the house. He walked to dog. Eats real food. Took the car to get gas. We couldn't be happier.

I golfed at a lovely newly opened course yesterday. The women I golf with are delightful. I golfed, for me, quite well. The only downside was that the tempt was just barely over 60, and the winds were HORRIBLE! I spent much of my life growing up in the flat lands of North Dakota in non-stop serious wind. Yesterday for golf was mimicked those days. The only plus side was the wind was not accompanied by freezing rain or snow.

I finished my 2nd sock except to seam the toe. Pictures will follow. I made progress on my flyaway vest. Just about to to the second arm hole. There is an advantage to being housebound.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Things with no pictures

That would be the theme of my week.
DH has had a horrible intestinal virus since late last Friday. Worst ever! In the beginning it included a temp. Now just lingering intestinal issues..enough said. But it means he hasn't left the house in 7 days. He is tip toeing towards recover. No pictures of a sick guy needed.

Dear neighbors hosted a potluck Thanksgiving dinner. With the germs in our house we stayed home. But they delivered plates filled with the holiday. No pictures of dinner needed.

Dear DD2 has pink eye back in MN. No pic needed to know how miserable that is when going to dinner at a friend who takes a gazillion pictures at every event.

Frogged hat! Definitely no picture needed. I have been trying to knit a Christmasy hat for my friend with no hair, chemo. I made her a pumpkin that was well received for Halloween. So picked up some red and a skein of white pompom. I have knit and frogged it 4 times. Just can't get it to look like anything I want to give her. So broke down and I'm just knitting a red hat. Think I'll pass the pompom yarn to the motherbear group for bear scarves.

Black Friday. Not venturing out, may do a little online shopping. No pictures of my computer screen adventure needed.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Things and finished objects

Well, there won't be a picture of the new thing I learned about this week. Spotted the tiniest ants I've ever seen crawling on the wall behind my stove ewwwww! and In the soap holder on the washing machine ewwwww! Called the Bug people, everyone here has bug people. Turns out we have "ghost ants". Yet another breed of bug I'd never heard of before...super tiny harmless ants. So they sprayed and left little clear pyramid shaped things in the kitchen and laundry, with the pleasant thought that they should be gone in 2 weeks. So there ya go, something new.

Finished my Aquiataine shawl.

It's blocking. Loved the yarn! A nice pattern, easy to follow.

Finished the "Gap-tastic" cowl for DD2

Just a huge circle that you can wrap once or twice around your neck depending on how cold you are..she's in MN so could end up being very cold.

Finished another club cover. One more to go, then all my woods will be dressed in Fun fur.

We have had a roller coaster of weather. The temp on Friday am when we tee'd off was 48 degrees, today high near 80. So not unlike my northern friends layers are the way to go around here.

My Azalea's have started to bloom.

And my Camelia's keep blooming.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Just want to say what a wonderful thing my Minnesota library is. It allows me to check out e-editions even when I am out town. Granted the options are fewer then paper books, but still. One can hardly complain. Plus, I find that the wait for access isn't that long.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

reading the fine print

I am usually good about reading the fine print on coupons and offers. But today I didn't. I bought an online coupon for a LYS, you know the kind a $25 value for $10. I've purchased several for a LYS in MN. I jumped at the chance thinking it would be a great way to treat myself to another set of addi's. Good that it was only $10. After I had paid online with my credit card I printed out the coupon. Only to read the fine print....the $25 coupon is only good on a purchase of $110 or more! Yep, it was there clearly stated on the screen with the coupon ad, but it was one of those moments where my brain processed a past experience rather then the current visual. So now I think it is $10 that will never be spent as I don't need $110 worth of merchandise from the store. So a not so good deal. But I've learned my lesson and am not likely to ever purchase another online coupon from this site.

on a positive note, the sun is shining and I spotted this lovely flower by side walk leading to a public restroom.