Monday, September 22, 2014

Instant gratification

Well not exactly instant but close enough.  After the never ending drape front white sweater I needed something that would be finished in less then 3 months.  Poncho patterns seem to be everywhere on ravelry, although I haven't noticed many in store ads.  I wanted a top down version so it could be tried on in progress.  Emma Fassio's Nuovo Inizio was just perfect.   

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bits of progress

I put the first sleeve of my drape front cardi on waste yarn so I could start the second sleeve.  I have only two skeins of yarn left and have a 3/4 sleeve done.  With the second sleeve and the neck edge remaining.   It will be close.   

Working on a cowl out of bernat mosaic.  You'd never know it was all acrylic yarn..

Fresh flowers from one of my shrubs.  They are a Limey shade of green and almost look fake.  
I wish I had the patience, and gardening interest to have a lovely cutting garden...but I don't so these will have to do..  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall is around the corner.

Funny how you can feel it in the air. Cooler mornings and evenings, warm days.   The time of year when you never quite know what to wear.  The beginning of layers and closed toed shoes.   So it seems like time to send our socks off to the Carmen Arce school in CT. and a few hats to bundles of love in MN.  
  Just a wee bit of warmth.