Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coming up short

I started another wingspan last week with some beautiful mystery yarn. It has long lovely stripes of color so perfect for the wingspan shawl....except for the fact that no matter how much I knit, held it up squeezed the ball, and hope. It just was not going to be enough yarn. So it will be frogged...carefully since one thing that is not a ,utterly is that the yarn contains some mohair. Which means it sticks together and does not like being frogged. You see clearly it wanted to be a wingspan too.

On the plus side with the help of my knitting friends I learned how to make an effective wrap and turn. Which eliminated the holes I didn't
Iike in the last wingspan I made.

Friday, March 22, 2013

All the time frogging

I am in the bind off phase of my citron shawl...but as much as I keep looking a the remaining yarn I don't think I can will it to be longer. So I need to frog back a row the bind off. Either that or leave it on the needles forever! Guess I will frog!

I frogged 2 1/2 inches of my Sierra t. Got carried away with stockingette. I did the waist shaping. But I am still unconvinced that this sweater will not be to heavy for summer/Florida wear. I will put it on waste yarn and try it on tonight before I frog.

Speaking of frogs when I closed the door on a restroom stall I spied this frog. About 3 inches long. Albino I think....or some interesting variety. Don't know my amphibians.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today it rained.

So no golf. So dd2 and I went to Target, she needed underwear. We left with underwear, two pairs of jeans, socks, m&ms, a sweatshirt, and lined spiral notebooks. SALES ABOUND!

Then we came home and made kale chips...with garlic. Roasted chickpeas...with garlic. Brussel sprouts...with garlic. Vampires would not have survived our kitchen.

I finished a pair of socks and made progress on my citron shawl.

AND we watched the movie Pitch Perfect. I love accapella music so enjoyed it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Passing time

Today dh decided we should go look at cars. He has been vacillating about replacing our aging envoy for months. So today we looked at used Nissans and Hondas. By which I mean he looked and I sat in the car knitting and listening to podcasts. I decided that would be better then just following around and listening to car salesmen. When if he found something worth looking at I would join in and test drive. I got a lot of knitting in๐Ÿ˜œ. In between dealerships we picked up a nail in a tire. So we spent 90 minutes at pep boys getting it fixed. They were busy! Better the a flat on the road. Thank heavens for knitting and podcasts on my phone

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Count your stitches.

And measure. I forgot to. I was in the rhythm of stockingette and didn't take time to count the stitches in my sock decrease...and when I did I had gone to far. Then I measured the inches under the arm of my tshirt, only to find out I'd knit 5 inches rather then the 2.5 before shaping. So rippit rippit rippit. A huge reminder to not get lulled into the rhythm of stockingette.