Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fishy baby hat

For the neighbors upcoming baby.  Mom and Dad both love to fish. So it seemed appropriate.   The yarns a yummy shibui sock weight.  It might make the baby look a wee bit like its being eaten by aliens.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Red scarf project

The Villages guild is knitting red scarves for the red scarf project.  I just happen to have some long ago purchased red yarn.  So I thought perfect, I'm in!  I did my pattern scarf on rav, and began.  Didn't like it, * frogged, began again with a new pattern.   Repeat process for the * multiple times.   Four patterns and a hours of Netflix streaming later this is what I have to show for my time.  


We were talking about dishcloths at knitting.  That lead me down the rabbit hole, of free patterns on ravelry.  So I dug out my stash and started playing with new patterns.   

One done

A quick knit. A four row pattern that looks much more difficult then it is. Me inner? I finished a baby blanket for a neighbors gender to be determined September arriving baby.  I used the Pine Forrest baby blanket pattern.  It's a beautiful pattern and it's free on ravelry.