Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just isn't working

I tried the sweater on.. I did the shaping. I got to the point where you begin the short row shaping and realized that I will never wear this sweater. It represents a lot of hours of stockingette. But it really just seems so shapeless and unflattering for my height and build I give up. Rather then plodding on and having a sweater that never gets worn I will is hard to admit that you've spent a lot of time on a mistake. Instead I think the yarn will become a Zoe cardigan. Something I can toss on over a t. Seems much more practical.

I also spent some time in my closet. I have a large bag of things that just aren't working for me anymore that will be heading to a local charities thrift shop. I've admitted they will never be worn again. So off they go. I also pulled out some questionable things that I'm just not ready to part with....I will look at them again at a later date.

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