Friday, May 3, 2013

The advantage of good lighting

I started a new project for me. The Lacy Summer Tank by Janelle Masters. I've had the pattern in my stash since 2009. I bought the yarn this year with something else in mind. I started the sweater on Wednesday, watching TV, in dim light. While I thought the beginning lace rows were fine, in the light of day they looked like they'd been knit by a drunken monkey. Although a knit friend upon seeing my mess said it wasn't really wasn't fair to cast such aspersions on monkeys. So I frogged and began again, in bright daylight. With a much better outcome. There is much to be said for good lighting....and better focus.

Dd1 made me the fun tool bag. The exterior fabric is knitting terms. The interior fabric is balls of yarn. I love it.

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