Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another hat. Another donation.

Continuing on the path of stuff out the door.  Finished another hat loosely based on the pattern, in grey and yellow.
For some reason the picture looks blue rather then grey.  
Down to the last two rows of my color affection shawl. Yahoo!   I enjoy mindless knitting, but I'm growing weary of this pattern.

Another load of stuff out the door to charity.  A pickup today.  A drop off next week.  That's about it. Gave a dresser, Christmas tree and some misc, to the neighbor for her daughter.  Gave all the accumulated, new still wearing their tags beanie babies to the local police.  They keep them in squad cars to distribute to children in stressful situations where the police are involved.  Accidents, domestic etc.  It is nice to know that they will be used for good.  Passed on a bit more of my stash.  I can't get it knit for charity, but others will.  

Dd2 helped with more house prep.  It seems endless.  Especially when it feels like I've been trying to make 50 lbs of flour fit in a 5 lb sack.   

Finished another sweater and hat for Bundles of Love.  Minnesota Vikings colors, planned not just accidentally garish color combo.  The hat ended up very cone head like, but I doubt that the new mom receiving it will see the reference to the early days of SNL.  

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  1. You're a busy, busy lady these days.
    Come back to us and rest up!