Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The is not a toy

Well that's what the manual says.  But I'm not not entirely sure.
It looks very toy like.  It is small.  It is blue. It is plastic. But at least it's not the Hello Kitty model.   I bought this for $41.  I just want a little machine to be able to sew a seam, take a dart.  Basic stuff!   I will pick up some thread and try it tomorrow.  Hopefully it really isn't a toy even though it looks like one.

On the knitting side I finished the second pair of socks for the middle school.
  I'm ready to start the ribbing on my Miley tee.  And I finished a second ruffle skirt.  This one for a friends great grand daughter.  

With the cold weather I stayed in and put the last if the Christmas stuff away.  And spent the day doing some serious cleaning.   Now I can knit and golf without guilt.....not that I felt all the guilty but still.

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