Friday, May 30, 2014

Medical ups and downs

When we returned from our road trip the dog wasn't well.  A quick trip to the vet and $200 determined ear infection, dry eyes with treatable inflammation, and worsening seasonal allergies.  Oodles of pollen here.  So with steroids for his ears, drops for his eyes, and citerizne and benedryl for his allergies he is on the mend.  

Sadly, on the road we received news that dh dad wasn't feeling well.  Testing reviled liver cancer.  Over the course of two weeks it progressed from Not curable but treatable with chemo. To spreading no chemo advised 4 -8 months, to rapid now it's more like 4-8 weeks and he will move from independent living to assisted living/hospice care.   All in the course of 15 days.   Dh is there, I am not.  We talked about it, and he said not to come.  Sibs that weren't planning on arriving until June or July have been convince to come next week so decision can be made. 

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