Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It rained today.

So I had a full day that had been set aside for golf to putter. It was glorious!

It was a day for hauling out all the yarn and sorting. I have a bag filled for a friend who knits hats Operation Shoebox. I grow weary of knitting hats, but she doesn't. I have extra yarn, she doesn't. It seems a match made in heaven. Plus, it freed up bin storage for yarn I really like. I also found and set a side yarn for a friend that crotchets 100's of baby booties for charity. They will be visiting and it seems like as the game shows used to say "a lovely parting gift". I have yarn grouped for knitting for Pine Ridge, yarn for bears,yarn grouped to knit socks, sweaters, and shawls.

It made it very clear that I should quickly delete every yarn site email that comes my way.

On the actual knitting side, my 7 wood will soon have a cover, I'm nearly done with a first sock for dd2, I frogged my traveling woman shawl...found I had several more skeins of the yarn so it needs to be something else someday. And I broke down and bought the shawl pattern "the hitchhiker". It looks like it will be a good use for a single skein of hand dyed yarn.


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  2. Funny, I was thinking about sorting my yarn for the queen of booties also!