Friday, January 20, 2012

Some assembly required

It is a really really good thing dh enjoys working with tools. For the most part he even thinks its fun. So he owns things like a really good power drill and a full set of hand tools and extra screws. Stuff like that...just because some day you may need it. Boy did he need it this week. First the desk came from Target online. Because he is spending more time on reall work from home paper was spreading every where and needed to be contained.

The desk came in one huge flat box. Unpacked all the pieces for what was to become a desk with drawers, a side big enough to hold the large paper shredder...need I say more. All the pieces were also flat. The directions included 30 steps. It all worked out. If he wasn't working at it now I'd include a pic. Maybe later.

Yesterday the new kitchen table and chairs arrived from Costco online. The set arrived in 4 boxes. One of the boxes housed only the table top. Power tools are required. Much smaller fingers are required to get screws in little places. Much muttering. "Poor design" and other similar words have been thrown about. The first chair has some wobbling issues. The table is assembled, the chairs are in process.

I think I will not be ordering anymore furniture for awhile.

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