Monday, February 6, 2012

out of the box

Things that came out of boxes. First, the desk that came in a big flat box from
You can see it was put to work. Amazingly the extra chair from my dining room table looks perfect with it. I suspect its not ergonomically correct, but it looks good and for now that is enough.

Second, my kitchen table from

We love it! I really liked the look of my pub height table, but it really is better to be able to sit at the table and not have your feet fall asleep. A local resale store bought the old one.

Finally, yarn out of the box. Well actually out of the bins that hold my stash. I've been feeling a certain lack of knitting mojo these days. I finished a small project for dd2. Did gauge swatches for a mystery sweater, a new ravelry KAL from sunfunliving. Nothing in my stash looked like it was going to work for the sweater, and I really need to knit from stash vs. knitting from the LYS. So I have been searching for a project. Yesterday during the Super Bowl I started a Pure and Simple Tee shirt out of Crystal Palace Waikiki. I got gauge. So I'm really hoping this is a good match.
It's a thick and thin yarn with brilliant shades of pink, purple and orange. It reminds me of a summer sunset or a rum punch.

I will revisit the mystery sweater in the spring when I return to MN. It won't be much of a mystery at that point, but I do like her designs and really want to make this sweater.

But for now, everything that I work on must come out of the boxes in my closet.

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