Thursday, November 8, 2012

Great friends great day!

Wednesday was a great day! I got to spend it on a "field trip" with two wonderful women. There was no angry venomous election conversation. We had wonderful food. Fondled, and bought some lovely yarn. Chatted laughed. All the things that make a truly great day.

We went on the trip to visit a yarn shop and have Mexican food. We had tasty food, and the best chips ever at a place called chuys in Gainesville fl. The building is painted wild bright colors. The tables are vintage 50's dinner. The room we sat in had velvet paintings of trucks and cars on the walls. And the ceiling was covered with hubcaps. It mades us smile.

Then we shopped a little. I bought some Happy sock yarn that is bamboo with a little nylon. It will be a scarf someday. And aslantrends Pima cotton in grey that will I think become a 3button wrap.

And before we left Gainesville we stopped for coffee and donuts. While they weren't hot they were pretty fresh.

The only downsides was two of our knit sibs were unable to join us. So I guess that means we will have to go again someday.

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