Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting stuff done.

Or not. I have put aside the high plains drifter shawl. I just don't love it right now. Think maybe its a yarn compatibility issue.

But I finished a club cover for dh. He lost his caddy shack gofer.

I'm making good progress on the Robin Hood baby sweater. Sadly we have finished all 3 seasons on Netflix. We will miss the gang In Sherwood Forrest.

I've co a simple pair of short socks.

Yesterday we drove to Costco and bought tile to do the kitchen backsplash. Much better price then the local home stores. The choice was really limited. Only 2 colors but it works for us.

Then stopped at a place we've driven by for 3 years and had a great burger

Today the sun is shining. It's dd2 birthday.

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