Monday, January 7, 2013

All quiet

Today dd2 returned to her home. Now sheets are washed, bathrooms cleaned, floors washed, the fridge is cleaned out and restocked. It's nice to have the dust bunnies removed and surfaces cleaned....but oh it is so quiet around here without my dd's.

It was on the cool and cloudy side today. Perfect for cleaning and grocery shopping. We are hoping to eat healthier on days when we don't golf and eat out. So I bought more veggies and fruit. It's a resolution of baby steps. No firm goal of measured pounds or eliminating an entir food group. Just a return to sensible eating. And hopefully along the way better fitting clothes.

To gift there will be knitting. I finished sleeve 1 of dd1 cardigan. I will begin sleeve 2 tonight. I have some silky alpaca and beads with an eye towards a try something new project for the new year. I've never really knit with beads. I found a small shawl pattern with just a few beads I in bedded in the lace.

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