Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Starts and stops

I finished a pair of short socks. I finished a hat. Then I cast on a hat with scraps and finished it. I trolled thru stash and trolled the web. I am clearly in need of a project. I have my lovely camellia shawl on the needle, but that's not a "pick up and knit" that's a "settle in and pay attention knit". At least at this stage of the project. So I decided I needed new club covers and someone, not sure who, needs new socks. The fun fur for the clubs is sparkly, a Christmas sale from Michaels, because it seems here everything can use a little "bling". One down three more to go.

But I need to cast on something big too. I have a bunch of Cascade Sierra that needs to become something. Just not sure what.

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