Sunday, November 6, 2011

reading the fine print

I am usually good about reading the fine print on coupons and offers. But today I didn't. I bought an online coupon for a LYS, you know the kind a $25 value for $10. I've purchased several for a LYS in MN. I jumped at the chance thinking it would be a great way to treat myself to another set of addi's. Good that it was only $10. After I had paid online with my credit card I printed out the coupon. Only to read the fine print....the $25 coupon is only good on a purchase of $110 or more! Yep, it was there clearly stated on the screen with the coupon ad, but it was one of those moments where my brain processed a past experience rather then the current visual. So now I think it is $10 that will never be spent as I don't need $110 worth of merchandise from the store. So a not so good deal. But I've learned my lesson and am not likely to ever purchase another online coupon from this site.

on a positive note, the sun is shining and I spotted this lovely flower by side walk leading to a public restroom.

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