Friday, November 25, 2011

Things with no pictures

That would be the theme of my week.
DH has had a horrible intestinal virus since late last Friday. Worst ever! In the beginning it included a temp. Now just lingering intestinal issues..enough said. But it means he hasn't left the house in 7 days. He is tip toeing towards recover. No pictures of a sick guy needed.

Dear neighbors hosted a potluck Thanksgiving dinner. With the germs in our house we stayed home. But they delivered plates filled with the holiday. No pictures of dinner needed.

Dear DD2 has pink eye back in MN. No pic needed to know how miserable that is when going to dinner at a friend who takes a gazillion pictures at every event.

Frogged hat! Definitely no picture needed. I have been trying to knit a Christmasy hat for my friend with no hair, chemo. I made her a pumpkin that was well received for Halloween. So picked up some red and a skein of white pompom. I have knit and frogged it 4 times. Just can't get it to look like anything I want to give her. So broke down and I'm just knitting a red hat. Think I'll pass the pompom yarn to the motherbear group for bear scarves.

Black Friday. Not venturing out, may do a little online shopping. No pictures of my computer screen adventure needed.

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