Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Things and finished objects

Well, there won't be a picture of the new thing I learned about this week. Spotted the tiniest ants I've ever seen crawling on the wall behind my stove ewwwww! and In the soap holder on the washing machine ewwwww! Called the Bug people, everyone here has bug people. Turns out we have "ghost ants". Yet another breed of bug I'd never heard of before...super tiny harmless ants. So they sprayed and left little clear pyramid shaped things in the kitchen and laundry, with the pleasant thought that they should be gone in 2 weeks. So there ya go, something new.

Finished my Aquiataine shawl.

It's blocking. Loved the yarn! A nice pattern, easy to follow.

Finished the "Gap-tastic" cowl for DD2

Just a huge circle that you can wrap once or twice around your neck depending on how cold you are..she's in MN so could end up being very cold.

Finished another club cover. One more to go, then all my woods will be dressed in Fun fur.

We have had a roller coaster of weather. The temp on Friday am when we tee'd off was 48 degrees, today high near 80. So not unlike my northern friends layers are the way to go around here.

My Azalea's have started to bloom.

And my Camelia's keep blooming.

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  1. Beautiful shawl. Can't wait to see it.