Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We are spending a quiet holiday at our Florida home. It is our new "norm". Last night we went to the square and listened to music and danced. It was delightful. Then home to open gifts. Every Christmas since the girls were little and spent hours under the tree shaking presents, their Dad told them the gifts were filled with socks, underwear and a poster. So every Christmas some of the packages contain underwear. A Christmas tradition.

The unexpected gift was that we decided to splurge and surprise them with Ipads. We haven't seen them speechless upon opening the last gift of the night since either of us can remember. That was truly a gift for DH and I. So last night and today will be filled with exploring the wonderful world of apps.

Another Christmas tradition is taking place today as well. Every year since DD1 went to college, DD2 dyes DD1's hair over the holidays. Usually a shade of red. This year it is a lovely merlot/magenta.

So, how ever you spend today celebrating or no, may it be filled with good things.

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