Thursday, December 8, 2011

No FO's and lots of whining.

The wrap vest is just plain tedious at this point. I don't mind massive amounts of stockinette. Truth be told I rather enjoy it. But this vest has not been fun. I've had to wing it on the number of rows to adjust for my size/yarn weight/tension. I lost/threw out my pattern with my notes on the first half of the vest, so I've had to do the knit measure/count/compare/rip and re-knit approach to sizing for the second half of the vest. It is the sort of thing that does not result in happy dancing around the house. But I will muscle on!

Today there was a drop in temp. So had to bundle up when I walked the dog this am. DH turned the heat on in the house.

This afternoon, Motherbear. I am bringing a neighbor who is interested in resuming knitting and looking for a charity.

On a positive note, the sun is shining brightly. I am not on a golf course cursing the cold. My camellias are blooming. This variety reminds me of a "MOD" flower from the 70's.

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