Friday, July 26, 2013

A little of this a little of that.

II've been painting.  If I were in elementary school that would be the topic of how I spent my summer vacation.  Taping, priming, painting, and soon cleaning the residual off the wood work.  I have climbed up and down ladders.  Recently balancing on a ladder on stairs.
Good thing I'm still pretty agile.

 I have to scale up again to touch up edges, but then I'm done with the stairs.  All that will remain is the laundry room.

I've been knitting. Started the color affliction shawl.

I'm nearly done with a pair of scrap yarn short socks. Very vanilla.

Have another baby sweater underway.

Dd2 got us started watching Dr. Who.  The season with David Tennant.  I'm hooked.  Makes for good knitting time.

1 comment:

  1. Excuse me....That's the Color AFFECTION shawl if you don't mind. ;)
    It's not an affliction unless you arse it up!
    I ran out of yarn on mine; I have to reorder from KP.