Monday, July 8, 2013


I finished my modified I.e. I missed a line of the pattern, Royal Baby Sweater.  I spite of my lack of attention it turned out.
Slightly kimono style. Found four reddish buttons that match the reddish color in the yarn perfectly.   Buttons and yarn from stash.  I have enough yarn left that if I pair it with some other leftover I should be able to make a hat.

The other thing that I finished over the weekend was my last task as executor of my parents estate. We drove to my mothers hometown and buried their ashes.  My uncle did the local leg work picking out the site, working out the details of the headstone, minister, etc. so I just needed to write the checks.  My sibs showed up.  The sun was shining.  The headstone recognizes the important career choices they made and their anniversary.   It is the perfect.  Both dd's were there.  They were unable to attend the memorial services so the burial provided much needed closure.

Now back to work on the house.  Today I begin the dining area.  

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