Saturday, November 30, 2013

Beginning to look at lot like Christmas.

We decorated...just a little.  We do t have loads of storage space so need to think about what we acquire.   This year we bought a small tree on Black Friday.    The only truly sentimental ornaments have been hung.  Big bird, Bert, Ernie, and snufflufogus.  In my daughters eyes nne of the others mattered.  Dh hung lights in front of the house.  And we even broke down and bought a lighted palm tree.  

We are very festive.  
 The orchids aren't festive.  They are just so pretty.

Keeping with the holiday spirit. I will be dropping off my "toys for tots" this week.  Since I don't have any tots, but I like looking at toys and a good bargain. I picked up toys at off times for 70% off.  

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