Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The Turkish socks from Churchmouse. An unusual short sock. Starts out flat, some seaming on the sides, then in the round to the toe.

The pattern appealed to me because it said it was good with Dansko's. Will also be a nice travel slipper, for example on a plane.
Just a basic top down short sock. Used one skein of Joann's sock yarn. I was afraid I'd run out so switched to stash bustin' mode for the toes.

Started, while actually I've started it twice, the I love Moss Stitch shawl.

It's a Knitpicks pattern. A FL knitting friend has knit several and they are lovely! They remind me a little of the ones designed to mimic HRH Kate's shopping shawl. But this pattern came out before she was HRH and spotted picking up groceries in a beautiful shawl. I decided to knit it with some Simply Soft Eco from stash before tackling the pattern in some lovely lovely alpaca. This Eco version will be washable so a good charity project. The reason I restarted had nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with me. I decided to play around with some changes to the shaping...didn't prove to be aesthetically effective so into the frog pond I dove. This is one of those patterns that has a good rhythm, so a great knit in the car, watching television, visiting with friends at your local knit group, the list goes on. Hopefully, the nice rhythm of it doesn't become a tedious drum beat by the end of the project.

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