Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Starts and Finishes

Sometimes you just need to plunge into a project. After thinking about it for a year, I ripped the first strip of wall paper off my dining room wall. And suddenly this was it.
The last sad strip of paper. It is no more. I loved that wallpaper. It was gold with red, green, and grey. Different on the top and bottom with a coordinating border dividing the wall. It was so chic to me, a girl who didn't grow up with a formal room in the house, to have a formal dining room with formal wallpaper. I put it up when DD2 was in kindergarten. She graduated college in May. Time marches on. So the wallpaper came down. The room will be painted a very pale green, almost white. With an eye to making things neutral. The carpet will come up next.

I finished a scarf for my charity knitting group.
Combined a beautiful silky red, donated, with some purple Vanna White in DD2's stash. The pattern is Invictus, free on ravelry. The finished product looks like wardrobe for a "Red Hatter".

Started another charity baby sweater.
It's a top down garter yoke baby cardigan. The twist is that you use stockinette to define the raglan increase and switch to Stockinette for the body after finishing the yoke. It has an i-cord button hole band. That will be something new for me. It gives you an easy last minute way to make it a girl or boy sweater. So depending on what gender Bundles of Love needs the most I'll place the buttonholes. The yarn is Wendy Double Knit Courtelle, a British yarn. I'm using size 4 needles. I found the yarn on close out for $2. The color is as they say on the BBC shows I watch on Netflix...brilliant.

Today will be a fun filled adventure of an oil change, mowing, and wall priming. The kind of day that instills envy in all who hear of it.

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