Sunday, March 4, 2012


Normally my oops here would be about a dropped stitch and a frogged project. Unfortunately my latest oops is that in the course of gesturing while talking I managed to tip my full glass of Cabernet across a table. And it was my first glass so can't even blame it on anything. Good news missed our friends light khaki shorts. Bad news hit dh new iPhone. Think it will be ok. He grabbed it ASAP. But it's beed sitting in a bag if rice to absorb any residual mositure. when he dropped his last phones into the lake, yep happened more then once, we opened them up and let the components dry. The iPhone doesn't open.😰 so cross yor finger while we hope for the best.

It has been terribly windy here the past days with more to come. I know if you've been shoveling snow that doesn't sound like much, but it has been the horrible. Like house falling on a witch kind of wind. So I think today will be a stay indoors, watch Netflix movies.

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