Friday, June 21, 2013

A little less stuff

We are downsizing.  I don't do garage sales....have participated in a couple, just not for me. So I regularly purge and donate.  So it is surprising just how much stuff one still accumulates.   This is the second wave to charity this month.
More will follow.  Surprisingly my house really didn't look like an episode of hoarders.  While at least not until it was full of the bags and boxes that are currently sitting waiting for pick up.  We are truly a living example of the premise that stuff will expand to fill the available space.   We have had plenty of closet and cupboard space in this house...and clearly we did a fine job of filling the space.  

I have a simple system as I go thru things.  White bags and cardboard boxes are donated someplace. Black bags are trash. Clear plastic bins are to be kept and space found somewhere.  In theory it means things need only be handled once.   

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  1. Good job on the purge. It's so liberating!