Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The lost is found

Apple was unable to restore my lost lists.  They tried.  Somehow they "recovered" 62 day old grocery shopping lists but not my important account info.  But last night when I as trying with the help of a technician I noticed for a brief moment the appearance of the headings of the lists before they were magically recovered into the old shopping lists.  So after I hung up and everyone went to bed I tried a different strategy.  Using my phone, but not touching my ipad, I restored to the oldest date possible from the phone backup.  When the notes were loaded, but before they "restored to the cloud " I opened the line item I was looking for and emailed the contents to myself.  It worked!   But then the lists were restored and the notes again disappeared.   

So I erased and restored my phone again and again each time grabbing another list, starting with most important.   It took over a couple hours each time, but I think I recovered what I wanted.   Which is good, because the last time I tried my little bit of magic didn't work and the notes appeared right away as the "recovered" file.

What I learned from this...1.apple tech support tried very hard to help.  They were pleasant and spent hours with me.  2. I got lucky, stumbling on a recovery option.  3.  I learned from the tech guy that if you have an important note email it to yourself as a extra backup.   Because even with automatic cloud backups things can run amuck.  4. Sometimes you just have to be brave and try drastic measures...I.e. erase and restore .

In the end I lost a little data, a couple of pictures, and  levels of the gameI was playing.   But i found my missing notes and didn't seem to lose any contact information.   So not to bad of an outcome.

Thank heavens I took the chance with erase and restore.  
I treated myself to new shoes.   They are wacky patterned Algeria brand clogs.  Super comfortable.   I stumbled across a pair for 75% off when I walked into a shoe store with a friend.  She was looking for birks and I was killing time.  We both left with shoes.   

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