Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Progress on all fronts

It's very exciting!  We now have a beautiful hardwood dining room floor.

Another charity pick up is scheduled.   MANY bags of unneeded things will be waiting on the front porch.  I'm looking forward to feeling less like I'm living in an episode of hoarders.

I finished two more wacky baby hats for Bundles of Love. This pattern always makes me smile.

I made a patriotic ruffle scarf for my aunt.  She marches in parades with her small town legion. So thought she might enjoy a little red,white, and blue neck ware.

I have two baby sweaters on the needles for Bundles.  Both are Hannah Fettig's Yoked Cardigan.  

I broke down and bought a set of the knitpicks sunburst interchangeable needles.   I have kp in FL and I found I hard using the needles I bought when I first started knitting.  It needed to be fun. So took advantage of the sale.  Started donating the older ones to knitting friends. 

1 comment:

  1. The Yarn Lady is selling needle tips that work with KP cables. Knit Pro, I think.
    Mothers will not lose sight of their babies if they dress them in those cute hats! Good public service.