Saturday, June 8, 2013

Full circle

When I was a little girl the people behind us moved out.   They left several boxes of amazing treasures next to the trash.  My friend and I, with permission, hauled them home.  We split the loot.  I don't recall what she kept.  But I had a lovely white china coffee pot with matching cups and saucers, a child's coco set,  tiny espresso cups and saucers, a white flower vase with matching candle holder and flat flower vase, and a china box with a gilt rose.  How can I remember each piece? Because I have been wrapping and moving them ever since.   They moved from Wisconsin to North Dakota.  From North Dakota to three different apartments and two houses.  And now most of the will move from my house to Goodwill.  I will keep a couple of things...the vases and coco set. Just to remember how excited we were at the find.   But now so many years later I understand why those special prices were left in a box by the trash.   I hope that someone shopping at Goodwill spots my treasures and wonders how anyone could ever let them. go...  That is what I'm going to believe....

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