Saturday, September 17, 2011

and now for something completely different.

I was a big Monty Python fan in the 70's. One of their not to subtle segues was to have one of the Python guys pop up in the skit and say "and now for something completely different" That's how I feel about starting the "Just a Whisper Wrap" and knocking out a baby hat.
I found some Douceur Swirls by Knit One Crochet Too deep in my stash that was crying out to be knit. I could hardly ignore it, could I? Lovely jewel tones on size 11's.

One skein of Lionbrand Kool Wool in a really pretty geranium color. Bought it on clearance years ago. It was a joy to knit with, if you ever stumble across some grab it.

Meanwhile, back at the original skit....I do love the moss stitch shawl I'm knitting for a friend who just had a lumpectomy.

But endless moss stitch on small needles with drapey yarn wears on my hands and my heart. So to make sure I only knit good feelings into the shawl I went looking for something different yesterday. Besides finding the yarn for the whisper and the baby hat I boxed up for mailing some roving style wool for DD1 to use with her loom. This is yarn we bought years ago as new knitters smitten by color with no thought to FO. I'm counting on the fact that she's at the same phase with her new loom. She can squeeze the yarn and imagine making something soft and warm. Later, when the loom honeymoon is over and she still doesn't have a clue what to do with the yarn she can pass it on to someone else.

For now she can have the fun of getting a surprise package in the mail. Because even though I am a huge fan of technology in general, the wonder of the internet and the joy that is my ipad there is still nothing quite like getting an unexpected box in snail mail. As Martha would say "its a good thing!"

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