Monday, September 19, 2011

bowing to peer pressure

Yep, I confess I have bowed to peer pressure. No I didn't get feathers in my hair or buy jeans with bejeweled pockets to draw attention to my behind. But bow I did. I am knitting a moss stitch shawl for a dear friend who just had a lumpectomy. We went to lunch on Sat. and stopped at a LYS in her area. Much to my surprise she picked up a skein of hot pink trendy yarn and said I love this.

So on the way home, even though I swore I would never knit with it, I bought a skein of the new pink Bernat Rufelina yarn for breast cancer yarn. You know the stuff that knits up like a pink poodle.

There ya' have it. I'm not proud, but if it brings a smile to her face when the surprise scarf arrives in the mail then I'm happy to have knit it. As long as I don't have to wear it I guess its not all bad.

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