Monday, September 26, 2011

foggy Sunday

One last weekend "up north" as we say in MN. The last of the cabin close up chores.
Woke up Sunday morning to this....

The fog on the lake was so thick you couldn't see the water. Actually you couldn't see to the shore from the cabin. Like something from the start of a "B" horror film or a BBC murder mystery. About an hour later, it was clear. The colors by us were like a muddy version of fall.

I CO a slouchy hat out of Berroco Sock yarn. The first of a collection of hats for a friend who is about to begin chemo. She is allergic to wool so that narrows the field of soft yarns. DD2 finished a worsted weight one over the weekend and CO a second. DD1 is yarn shopping in CT today. The sock yarn slouch hat is a good use of fun colored sock yarn, mine is purple. Unfortunately, sock yarn hats are not speedy. I'll keep plugging away on it, but I am going to go and look for something soft in a worsted weight. I think an adult version of a pumpkin hat would be perfect for Halloween.

A tech note. I can't seem to post pictures from Flicker to blogs or ravelry. I know its just me. So I took the pictures with my ipad, then uploaded them to Dropbox. Then on my laptop I downloaded from dropbox to my desktop. Then they can be inserted with ease. Perhaps a bit convoluted but it works well for me.

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