Monday, September 12, 2011

summers end

It used to be summers end was marked by the start of school. Now that both DD's have graduated from college that marker is no more. Now it is marked by taking the docks out. The boats came out this weekend and the docks will be out next. Then our cabin world is ready for snow and ice. Difficult to comprehend when the days were high 80's.

DD2 spent the weekend back in town. She had to work at her short term job on Friday and Saturday. She is struggling with this first fall of not going back to school. Hearing from friends back on campus of the fun they are having. The downside of picking a college so far from home is you can't pop back for a visit and none of your graduated friends are nearby. It has been lonely. It is however motivating. She started working on her grad school apps this weekend.

After doing laundry, cleaning toilets, etc. to prepare for the guys golf and dock out weekend I watched BBC Midsommer Murders on Netflix. What a wonderful technology! Watching delightful English country men and women knock each other off only to be caught in the end by the charming detective and his young lieutenant. And I knit. All well looking out at the lake. Talk about a life is good moment.

That is the great FAKE ISLE Hat pattern. Free on Ravelry. The yarn is a mystery grey that must have some mohair or angora in it..I was covered in fluff. And some color changing Plymouth that is much like Noro. It is really pretty. Going to a local charity.

And I kept working on the red shawl. A dear friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is not a pink kinda gal, so red is a better choice. Luckily she will only have a lumpectomy followed by radiation. In the grand scheme of things a terrific diagnosis.
I'm using the Mossy shawl pattern from Knitpicks. Not free, but very reasonable.

Today, since the yard didn't get the memo about fall, I have to mow. And then since my DH and DD both enjoy having food in the house I will go buy some. Some days the fun never stops.

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