Friday, March 11, 2011

I did it!

Well my "new to me" thing for the week was to post a photo in my blog.  Pretty cool when something is as easy as you've been lead to believe. 

So why you ask would I bother to post a picture of a random skein of sock yarn,  well because instead of cleaning bathrooms I took pictures of the stash that followed me to FL and posted them on Ravelry.  I follow the Pre-process knitters forum on Rav. The group members are attempting a serious stash down.  Which meant I really needed to confront the yarn tucked in Rubbermaid bins in the front closet.In the process I found a some yarn that will be donated to next years guild stash sale (a guild fund raiser), some that will be donated to charity knitters,  and yarn that I still love.  I didn't take pictures of the yarn that I've decided is just passing thru my stash en-route to someone else's bins. 

Another fun thing I did today was go to a beginning line dance class. I've been going Friday mornings for the past month.  With St. Pat's around the corner we "danced" a few songs with a distinctly Irish flavor.  Shades of Michael Flatly.   Needless to say there are no pictures of me in my "lord of the dance" mode.


  1. Love seeing the yarn in your blog.

  2. Good for you for figuring out how to add a picture to your blog!