Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a short heel and new project

I'm still struggling with my strong heeled sock. I'm comfortable with the short row heel concept, but guess I'm still a "flapper". I do like the look it gives with self striping yarn. I'm debating what my next big project will be. I'm leaning towards a short sleeve top down cardi. It works with the whole stash down theme of 2011. I have some nice off white that originally was intended for a wrap, but as they say I'm so over that. It really wants to be a sweater. I'm also thinking I want to cast on another shawl. I have some nice light weight coned yarn that was gifted to me last year. So many options.

My new thing for the week..I learned how to download pdf files, i.e. patterns to my ipod. Granted its tiny and I can't scribble on it like a paper pattern, but I do like the idea that I could keep loads of pattern possibilities on my ipod with me. Coupled with the knitting app I have downloaded for counting and taking notes it makes me feel like I am very techie. I feel like its setting the stage for moving to an IPAD some day.

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