Monday, May 2, 2011

Headline News

Wow! What a headline this morning. Bin Laden Dead.

I'm not going to ruminate on what that means to me or the world at large. We didn't have the television on last night to hear the announcement or the subsequent analysis. So it really was a huge surprise when I picked up the paper this morning.

Instead of watching tv, I was plowing thru my MN stored stash. I pulled together a bag of wool for a friend to use for mittens and felted slippers.

I pulled together a bag for my local charity knitters.

And several bags for DD1 who has started weaving. I even found that I had some weaving yarn that someone had dropped off at the charity knitters, and no one else adopted last year. Must have been fate that it ended up in my stash so I could pass it on to her.

For my something new, I started a pair of children's mukluks for charity. It is a Pure & Simple pattern with a different construction method. Well at least it is different for me.

When the world seems so full of crazy and bad things it feels good to carve a little bit of order in my own life. That is why I'll finish the second slipper today and make sure the yarn gets dropped off tomorrow.

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