Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A major milestone

I am now the proud mother of two college graduates. DD2 graduated on 5/14 from SUNY-Oswego.

DD1 graduated three years ago from REED and is now in grad school.
What a strange feeling to think that I am old enough that both of my children have graduated from college.

Now she begins the tasks of unpacking and looking for something to do. She would like to go to grad school in a year. Listening to other parents and my DD's talk it sounds like there are a lot of graduates who are still looking, still trying to get into grad schools, and working "where ever" while they try to find a job that is relevant to their degree. Frighting times for the graduates and for their parents.

We drove to Oswego NY from MN. Two days on the road, two days there, two days road trip returning. Thank heavens for knitting. Made one sock.
And 1/2 of a really long wrap out of sock yarn, for charity. Love the pattern (Acadian Shawl/scarf by Melisa McCurley), like the feel of the yarn, not sure how I feel about the striping. It doesn't do the pattern justice.
We have a road trip to SD for a Memorial weekend wedding, I hope to finish the wrap then.
Saw this in the parking lot of the hotel we stayed in outside of Chicago.

The first mobile tattoo and piercing vehicle I've seen.

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