Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today I had the opportunity to drop off bears from the FL Mother bear knitters and sew hearts on bears. If you're not familiar with it check out their website It is an amazing organization. Here Amy, the founder, is with some of the bears from FL.

Here is Hazel

who knits bears on 2 circs with a jumbo lighted magnifying glass on her head. She took it off for the picture with the Chewbaca bear. She is really inspirational. I believe she's 95, I only hope I can be like her when I reach that age.

Here I am, in one of those shots that makes you look like you have a dozen chins, holding the adorable Sound of Music bears. Look for individual pictures of them on Ravelry.

The bears come from all over, and this group meets monthly to sew hearts on them.

And finally, sure signs of spring.

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