Monday, July 25, 2011

Button Button

I finished my summer cardigan.

I finished my baby cardigan for Bundles of Love.

And I was excited to be able to use some great buttons I found on clearance at Joann's...more the 75% off. The bears were from last year, the ones for my cardi last week.

I dug into my stash and found 5 skeins of Sensations BAJA. One of those "what was I thinking yarns" purchased when I first started knitting. It seemed like it might want to be a shawl. So I cast on and did my increases as it struck me. Ended up with a drapey, shawl. Slightly triangular, with a bit of a ruffle around the bottom edge. The pic doesn't really show the ruffle.

And last but certainly not least, I bought this.

I haven't been able to blunder my way into really making the most of the camera or some of the other "productivity" tools. So I broke down and bought this book/magazine at Costco. Sadly, I think that just owning it won't be enough. I believe I'll have to read it!

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