Friday, July 15, 2011

A full week of fun.

We spent the last week "up north". Both DD's were in town for the week. DD1 was home from CT for a conference. DD2 is still looking for a job. For the weekend we also had some good friends from FL visiting.

Started out by taking the girls and a friend to the local baseball game. The blondes are my DD's. Brats and beer. Baseball played by young men "living the dream".
A perfect night. The home team won, and there were even fireworks following the game. DD2 got to go on the field and play a game.

Usually when these friends are in town we golf. But, that didn't happen this year. So just read, knit, boated and went out to eat.

The weather was great for the weekend. Managed to read the 3rd book in the Mistress of the Art of Death series. Finished the body of my summer cardigan.

After the FL friends left on Tues. DD's and I went into town. One of the local shops is discontinuing carrying yarn in favor of more trendy clothes and accessories. So all yarn was marked down 30%. And there is/was a huge selection. DD's both purchased yarn. I bought a pattern for 50% off. The Pure and Simple Wrap Cardigan. I love those P&S patterns.

And now we're home. The temp dropped. It's been raining. A great day to "hunker down" for a few episodes of "George Gently" streamed on NETFLIX. And perhaps finish the button band and sleeves of my cardigan.

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