Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It's not raining, the window is covered with water due to the high heat and humidity index here. I'm sure seeing MN at the top of the nation makes my FL friends feel a little smug. Who knew that one could go there to escape the heat and humidity.
But since we're of hardy MN stock we braved the weather and went to a TWINS game at the beautiful outdoor stadium. We lost, but it was still a great day.

It was a double header. We were given tickets to the afternoon game, a make up from an April rain out. Then watched the evening game from the air-conditioned comfort of our house. They lost that game too.

Finished the button bands on my summer cardi and nearly finished the first short sleeve. With this weeks heat index there is no urgency. All I really want to wear is a muu-muu, much to DD's delight I don't own one.

My something new is Print Pro. Sitting around at the neighbors on Saturday we were comparing favorite ipad apps, we are all newbies. And I found out that a neighbor's favorite is Print Pro. It seems a little wrong to be so excited about an application that lets me print from my ipad when I'm generally excited about paperless. For ex. I love the e-edition of the newspaper. But, I do like to print some things and for $6.99 it was nice to find something that will let me. I imagine as my comfort level with using Goodreader and the pdf's I have stored on ibooks increases my need to have a paper copy of a pattern or coupon will decrease. Today however it made me very happy to wirelessly print.

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