Sunday, April 10, 2011

back to the frog pond

Seems like a recurrent theme in my knitting. When I was ready to put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn I realized I didn't like the way it looked. To loose a gauge and not fond of the garter stitch yoke. So rip rip rip. This time will do a seed stitch in lieu of the garter, and do yarn overs instead of knit in front and behind for my increases. That should give it a more lacy look and the seed stitch should be more polished. Fingers crossed.

My afternoon project was to back up this work horse of a ibook. Nearly 7 years old with barely a hiccup. Its starting to take a really long time to fire up, so I fear it may be nearing the end of its life. While there is nothing of national import on my computer there are pictures, music and a few documents that I'd rather not lose. So back up it is...if you have been lax like me I'd strongly encourage you to do the same.

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