Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Counting down to departure

We're returning to MN in a few days, so in the process of closing down the house. That means cleaning, a few errands, eating our way thru the fridge...well that's what we should be doing. Instead we're golfing today and going out to a Japanese Steakhouse for Hibachi dinner tonight with our neighbors. I felt compelled to start a sock..a wool sock at that. The perfect knit for 90 degree humid FL weather. My excuse is it will give me something portable to knit on the plane. I'm using a basic sock pattern from I follow her blog, she knits and designs. She also sews and makes these glorious silk and wool felted items. Anyway, its her basic sock pattern. It's perfect for my wildly colored what possessed me to buy this self striping Fortissimo yarn.

Tomorrow I'll tick off the rest of the things on my list. A trip to the Post Office and the bank, transplanting a potted plant, a final dust and mop, and emptying the fridge. I see an eclectic dinner of crab cakes and salmon fillets as our dinner menu Weds. Our ride comes at 8:30 am Thurs. So everything has to be done before we go to bed Weds. night.

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