Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time for a nap

We had a delightful time with our recent house guests, but now its time for a nap! We had a couple of friends visiting from MN. Both of them are quilters NOT knitters, but we do appreciate one another's hobbies. B. brought me a beautiful quilt in fun colors. Made all the more special since the backing was from my Mom's stash. She was a quilter, I am passed it on to B. and others that will put it to use.

I have done a little knitting on my lacy cardi. It's a nice pattern I found on Ravelry. Such talented designers.

The sweater really is a very friendly knit, well written pattern with a lovely full page size chart. Only 36 rows to the chart.

My new thing is still working on my Little Pansy socks, another Ravelry pattern. The "new" part is the eye of partridge heel. Nothing picture worthy yet.

So after a week of shopping, dining out, listening to music on the squares, and even a little line dancing, the dog and I are going to have a quiet night. We will watch some shows on the DVR..What a fab invention that was! Eat some great leftover bacon wrapped shrimp. And even knit!

1 comment:

  1. Poor jack he looks like he needs a nap!
    Love the lace pattern on your new cardigan.