Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today would definitely be a rambling kind of day. Had one of those great nights where you're laying awake until after 3 am. Up for good at 8...a nap may be in order. I've started listening to my favorite podcasts when I just can't sleep. If I do doze off I can always listen again another time.

I do love my ipod, games, music, podcasts and the occasional practical app. Like 1,2,3 Knit. It has a counter that can be linked to multiple sub counters. Great for lace or decreasing/increasing.
It's been great for my Luna cardigan, let me keep track of increase rows doing the raglan sleeve at the same time as keeping track of the lace repeat rows. AND if you make a mistake you can subtract rows and those stay linked as well.

Started an easy baby cardi for charity.
More stash busting.

Disappointing news, DD2 finally heard back from her first choice for grad school. She did not get in, so back to the drawing board. She had been so optimistic after the interview. It's hard when Mom can't do anything to "make it all better" any more.

Starting to gear up to leave FL and head back to MN. Dug out the pansies and gave them to a neighbor. Stopped at Home Depot and picked up Butterfly bushes and daisies. Simple, cheap and if they don't do well when we're gone they can be eaily replaced. I think they're pretty hardy.

Finally, my Gardenia is blooming. Growing up north my only knowledge of Gardenia was the scent in the perfume my Grandmother sometimes wore. The fresh version is ever so subtle, love it.

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  1. Oh, you are wicked!! Another app to add to my collection of knitting apps. It looks like a good one!