Friday, April 22, 2011

frantically counting down

We're starting the count down for our return to MN. DH is scheduling sprinkler maintenance, car tune ups, and golf. I'm trying to see knitters, laundry, clean and golf. Trying to squeeze in one last card game with the neighbors. Trying to remember what we want to bring back to MN and what to leave here. After feeling like home for 6 months, it now feels like the end of a vacation.

I finished of my Luna Lace Cardigan shrug. It's a great pattern. I'm pretty sure I'll knit it again. Just need to find a single great button.

I'm also making good progress on my top down baby cardi.

Can't say the same about my Pansy socks.

I hadn't planned on shopping for anything but window cleaner today, but I got side tracked. Decided I needed to go to Bealls to pick up a rattan visor to bring back to MN. The kind that can be squashed into a golf bag or a suitcase without any damage. They were on I kind of had to go you know.....I bought my visor. While I was there I found this great Flamingo tempered glass cutting board and trivet on clearance.

Well what can I say, you understand why it had to follow me home. It looked so lonely on the shelf.

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